A good dose of retail therapy can be great for turning a bad day into a good one, but if you are constantly blowing your budget, the family savings and the thrill of the buy is outweighing all other considerations, you might just be a shopaholic. And it is time to stop.


If at the end of each quick dash to the shops your arms cannot carry all your bags and you are too ashamed to look at your bank statement, you are not alone. In fact, you probably can’t even remember buying most of your purchases, but you can remember the thrills and adrenalin rush of shopping.


Not just limited to women, being a compulsive shopper or spender, or shopaholic as it is also known, is hell on a relationship, horrible for the family budget, and hard on the shopper.


Here are some of the ten best indicators that shopping is and addition;

  • You shop to make yourself feel better.
  • You can’t control your spending, in fact it makes you feel good.
  • You lie to your family and friends about how much items cost you.
  • You have every store credit card.
  • You shop to make yourself feel better when you are low, like having a bad day at work. The solution? Something new?.
  • Any reason to celebrate ends up with a trip to the shops and a spending spree.
  • If you feel emotional you shop, sadness, happiness, anger – any emotional results in shopping.
  • It is not uncommon for you to spend money you don’t have, even if all the cards are full. For example spending up big on Thursday because Friday is pay day.
  • You often feel guilty or remorseful after you shop.
  • Your closet has clothes with tags still attached and unopened shopping bags.


The admission of being a shopaholic can be horrific, and well hidden. Not just the purchases, but also the debts.


But check out our tips on getting help now!