Cheap and fast fashion seems to be the way of the now. This fun and fashion phenomenon is driven by hip retailers, who “drop” new stock into their stores bi-weekly.

But these must-buys of throwaway fashion are harming your bank balance. Not only do these seemingly cheap purchases add up, but fast fashion always has a terrifying quick use-by date, and the next fleeting fashion trend is just around the corner.


Some tips to stay ahead of the rash-pack and look your glamorous best without going into debt? As easy as!


1. Shy away from poorly constructed clothes that will fall apart after one wear. That is not value for money.

2. Consider the environment – your fashion roadkill will end up as landfill.

3. Want disposable fashion but don’t have  the disposable income to match? Focus on tran-seasonal pieces that do not have a used-by date.

4. Update your current wardrobe with some clever seam work – turn unused dresses into tops. Dye fading garments new.

5. Just because you no longer love that top doesn’t mean it won’t be someone else’s fashion heaven. Head online to eBay and see what you can get for it. The key to making cash this way is to be realistic with your selling prices, so do some research.

6. Smart spending means considering the cost per wear of an item. Something is not a bargain if it is going to be worn once or twice and then relegated to the “What was I thinking?” pile!