We recently published a post on how to tell if retail therapy has taken over your life.

Are you a shopaholic?


If you are a compulsive spender and eating away at your savings, you need to stop!

Shopoholics can be generous with their purchases to hide their addition, but the real consequences of their overspending cannot by hidden from their family and friends when they cannot pay their debts.

So how can you recover? Here are ten ways!

1. Shopaholics have a real addition, and some require the help of professionals to end their problem.

2. But the first step to stop is being aware of the addition.

3. Regaining control of your shopping addiction, and then try these tips:

4.  Be honest. Tell your family and friends.

5. Never shop alone. Have support so you don’t overshop.

6. Never hit the shops without purpose and a budget.

7. Unsubscribe from the shopping emails that are filling your inbox and mind with bargain ideas.

8. Cut up the store cards, and if possible consolidate all debt to one card.

9. Try a reloadable prepaid card for shopping, so you really can’t break your budget.

10. Read our advice on avoiding those dodgy sales tactics to grab your cash!