The mass buying power of these shopping sites is delivering great deals for budget conscious shoppers.

But while shoppers are snapping up the bargains, there have been calls for caution with deal websites.

So how to deal websites work?  Deal websites offer lifestyle, entertainment, shopping, holidays and more activities.  Anything really, is offered for purchase on a daily or weekly basis.  The deals though, are available to buy for a strict time or until a particular number of people fulfil the quota.  In some cases, if the quota is not fulfilled, the deal cannot go ahead.

Once the deal is made, those who have purchased receive an email coupon as proof of their new purchase.  Their deal usually has a short expiry date and other strict conditions attached, for example, only one deal per person.

Deals can be found on Facebook, email, for auction on E-Bay and via deals websites.

The monthly industry turnover is estimated at about $50 million dollars, making shopping deals Australia a lucrative business.

With the introduction of a voluntary industry code of conduct coming into place by Christmas 2011, sham deals and dodgy operators will be discouraged.

If you have a complaint about a deal website, you can complain.  Find out more at the ACCC’s website.