1. Do not go into the supermarket unprepared.  Know what you are going for, including what meals you plan to cook.  Wandering aimlessly for “stuff” will lead to buying more than you need.
  2. Never, ever do your grocery shopping hungry.  You are only heading for disaster in the snack isle.
  3. Cut down on impulse purchases by arming yourself with a list and a calculator.  Challenge yourself to get your shop below a magic number.
  4. Monitor your household waste for a few weeks, and what food is actually popular in your family, and what always expires before it is fully consumed.   You can do this by pinning a list to the fridge, and committing everyone to writing down every single item that is throw out rather than eaten.
  5. Go through your kitchen cupboards and see what is really in there.  How many meals could you cook without a trip to the shops?  A thorough clean out might astound you.
  6. Consider converting to online supermarket shopping.  While it may not offer everything you need, it does make it easy to compare prices and cut out the impulse buying, therefore save money.  And although the small delivery may seem steep, you will probably save more than those donuts, ice-cream, chips and soft drinks that sneak into the trolley (or is that just me?).
  7. Read the catalogues, and compare brands and prices.  Write the specials that you intend to purchase on your list before you leave home.
  8. Be savvy to subtle sizing differences between brands that might cost you at the end of the day.  With some items, like toilet paper and paper towel, not all brands package the same size, so you really can’t compare apples to apples so to speak.  Check for unit pricing, or the price per 100g, to ensure you are getting a bargain compared to other brands.
  9. Ask yourself “Do I need it?”  If you hesitate, try to go for a week without.  See if you survived.
  10. If you are not a home brand person, consider switching to generic.  You might be surprised at the quality, and will definitely be happy with the savings.  And if you hate it?  Switch back next week!