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Get real value from the sales and score yourself some true shopping bargains with our sale survival plan. These tactics to bargain buys at sale time will help you save even more money, so you can save yourself even more cash.

Follow these ten sale survival tips today to grab yourself a bargain.

  1. Make your list so you won’t get distracted.
  2. Do your pre-sales homework. Read the catalogues, go online, and know what the competition is offering.
  3. Consider anti-seasonal shopping at the end of the major sales. In these off-peak times the stores are getting rid of last year’s Christmas stock or winter blankets at ridiculous prices.
  4. Check out those ‘bundle’ or multibuy discounts and consider your options – it might actually work out cheaper (or only a couple of dollars more) to buy that extra tshirt and
  5. Get in early. Not only before the car park gets full but before your choice of size disappears.
  6. Prioritize your purchasing to stay focused on what you need. What will go first – Manchester bargains are likely to be stocked over the sale period, but that blouse in size XL is not.
  7. Don’t get distracted. Just because something is on sale does not make it a bargain. Remember, it is not a bargain if you are never going to use it. And
  8. Set a limit and stick to it. That means leaving the plastic cards at home. Paying credit card interest on your 25% off new shoes over 12 months will probably make the shoes cost a pretty penny in the end, so leave. Now!
  9. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Print off competitor’s online prices or take in the catalogue as proof for quick price-matching. Don’t be afraid to ask for extras to be thrown in for free – like delivery, extended warranties and accessories. Or simply ask that age old question “Is this price the best you can do today?”. Ask “Can you do better for cash?”
  10. Remember to always play nice, but be prepared to walk away. After all, this is your hard-earnt dollar we are talking about. Never spend it easily!