We can all agree that times are tough.  And with tough financial times there is always an increase in dishonesty and scammers trying to shaft you out of your hard earned money.

And nowadays, with so much e-commerce being done on the internet, there is such a growing risk that, at some stage or another, each one of us with be targeted by scammers. Don’t become a victim.

Remember these ten sure signs the “great deal” is a scam!

  1. You are promised unrealistic returns on your investment.
  2. You have been told that your investment is risk free and 100% guaranteed but provide no paperwork to back it up any of the claims made.
  3. You are being pressured to sign up today.
  4. If you sign up today you will receive an incentive gift, like a free blender.
  5. The salesperson uses lines like, “Everyone in the street has signed up and you might miss out” or “It’s the best deal anywhere but only if you sign up now”.
  6. You can only pay cash.
  7. There are no receipts issued.
  8. The only contact number you have is a mobile number.
  9. You received a telephone call out of the blue about a great deal or investment opportunity.
  10. The email address is full of numbers or letters that do not make sense, not a company name.

If even one of these ten signs is appearing before, run (don’t walk) away!  Avoid scam artists at all costs and hold onto your money!