For many families, grocery shopping is one of the biggest weekly expenses.  Which is why it is so important to shave those extra dollars off the grocery bill when you can.

We know that finding the time to plan their shopping is difficult at the best of times.  However, super savers that plan their grocery shop in advance will always avoid pressure buys and overspending at the shops. But setting aside even just ten minutes to plan your shopping will save you money.

Here are eleven great tips for saving money when grocery shopping this week!

  1. Avoid shopping at peak times when you will be pressured into hurrying through.
  2. Read your junk mail for specials and include those items you will use on your list.
  3. Create a weekly meal plan and include items you will need for it on your list.
  4. Keep a notebook in a prominent location in the kitchen, to write up items to be replaced once they are used up.
  5. Check your junk mail for specials, and take a note of those items on special that are part of your usual weekly shop.
  6. Collate a list of the items you want to shop for and stick to it.
  7. Divide your shopping list into sections such as laundry and cleaning products, fruit and vegetables, frozen goods and dairy items.  This will avoid the need to backtrack through if items are missed.
  8. Don’t forget to take a pen so you can cross each item off your list as you shop.
  9. Be strict – if an item is not on the list, it does not go in the trolley.
  10. Avoid tempting treats by going to the supermarket after you have eaten.  Never go hungry.
  11. Just popping in for some milk and bread?  You may notice that your supermarket positions these products at the back of the store.  This is no coincidence.  Many shops purposefully do this to lure customers to linger over other items.  Even if you are popping in for a few items, always arm yourself with a list and play by the shopping rules.