How much loose change does you and your family have lying around?

Think about your home, your car, your desk draw – the list of money black holes is endless!

Loose change is money.  Valuable money that can be saved up and spent on worthwhile items.

Whether you are looking to save for a family outing, a nice couple’s dinner out, or simply going towards paying down your credit card debt, we think you will be surprised at how much your spare change can save you.

Here are our top four ways to make your loose change work for you!

  1. Create a “Swear Jar”. Anyone saying a nasty word must contribute a gold coin!
  2. Use a coffee or milo tin, ice-cream container or any-thing that takes your liking and leave it in a prominent spot in your home.  The rules: at the end of each day all spare change goes in.  No money goes out.
  3. Get your kids to go on a coin scavenger hunt around your home and car (supervised of course) for loose change.  Use it as the basis for your new coin jar.
  4. Agree on a common objective or purchase as a family, and set guidelines for what coins are to be added to the jar.  Watch your coin collection, and your family’s excitement, grow!